Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Opening Day Blog for the '07-'08 Season...

After the summer off... and a depressing fall so far I guess I'll get back at it.

To sum up the fall:
1) Jim Brown and Ernie Davis would be right pissed off at the state of our football program.
2) Our Major 3pt threat for the upcoming season is having to repair a busted knee.
3) Did I mention the Orange Linebackers are horrible?
4) Flynn looked amazing over the summer on the U19 team.
5) Greene looked unpolished, but has a ton of upside.

There's still potential in the football program to win a game or two. There is also the potential to have Steve Slaton and Pat White rush for 300 a piece against us... Lets see who shows up.

Despite the loss of Homebrew Drew, the hoops squad will look to be solid, returning Devendorf and Harris, while a very promising pack of newcomers, and getting Onuaku back from his redshirt year. The only major issue arising at the moment is how well our lack of size and experience in the frontcourt will play out.

I'll be back with more later.