Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Syracuse vs. LeMoyne: Round 2

Obligatory Halftime Rant:
Well, its a whole different team than we saw on Sunday in a lot of ways. AO has shown some offensive prowess, Greene can be legitimized as being damn good, Harris is back to playing his game (erratic at times, but hits the boards hard and hustles). One thing that concerns me is Flynn's A:T ratio tonight. 2:3 right now. He's definitely bringing an aspect of hustle and playing some tenacious D (Yes, I had to say it).

All in all, the zone looked fine, we weren't collapsing as well as you would expect, but that will come with time. The trap out of the zone is something they will need to get accustomed to. We have big men that can score. I would like to see Donte in the post more, but he is showing a Warrick like game tonight, with some mid-range post moves and also made the masses realize his 3 point shooting is not a fluke.

On to the action:

Looking good after the half. Came out with a great deal of hustle, everyone running. One thing I'm noticing this half is that it's been a while since we've had this much chemistry this early. Everyone seems to be willing to dish. No one is afraid to take the shot. They're playing with a poise I wouldn't expect out of a squad this young, and you can tell they're having a great time doing it.

Also, Greene has 21...

Greene is up to 26, Williams is now in. Granted I can't really give any feedback on him other than he needs to work on some offensive positioning. He hasn't been involved in any sort of plays at all. Devo with 4 fouls, so it looks like we'll be going young for a while. Also, its now 78-44...

Williams with his first statistic as an Orangeman! An assist to Jackson!

Team assist to turnover right now is 19:11.

The Hyphen is now noted as being the worst dancer on the team according to the TW26 announcers... Harris throws down a hard oop from Devo in transition. From what I see the zone could use a touch of work, but thats what the non-conference schedule is for right?

Double double now for Devo, showing his distribution ability. Presutti is checking in, good to see him get some court time. Flynn's ability to hit the three will really open up some possibilities for us this year. Jackson also has a double double.

Presutti finishes the game off with a 3, a fitting ending.

Final: Syracuse, 109 - LeMoyne, 59

Syracuse vs. LeMoyne

Alas, I will not be able to live blog this, as my laptop has decided to be a satan-spawned pile of trash and not work anymore. I will be back at the half with highlights and updates though...

Flynn's hustle will be what wins games for us this year. I just had to put that in writing. 2 steals on back to back plays, hustling for boards. The kid is a trooper.

Post D is sloppy. We're slacking off our man. It's mostly Jackson who is at fault, saw AO do the same thing. And Paul hasn't learned not to shoot a 3 yet...

2nd Timeout: So far it seems like were showing more affinity for the mid-range game, something I like. Solely man so far, but that's expected in the exhibitions. Ongenaut is showing some serious potential, seems to be a very fundamental player, though he needs to finish harder. I like to see people making the right cuts though.

Greene with 13 points so far. We're moving in transition, court vision and speed are greatly improved from last year. Devo is still a liability in the man sets. Overall this team will be a blast to watch.

All five frosh on the court, someone needs to take some leadership role on the court. You can tell theyre all young when they're on the court together.

Saw the zone for the first time, looked ok, forced a 3. Moved to a press,
Pressure D looks solid, Post feeds look phenomenal. AO with 7 straight points.

Williams got in just before the half. That wingspan is as gangly as it sounds. His arms touch his knees when he walks.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Exhibition Live-Blog Half #2

Halftime Rant:
Well the first half was all ups and downs. It seems for every high point (Greene's scoring, Flynn's control of the game), we have Jackson and AO with stone hands, Devo not finishing, basic defenses giving us trouble.

There was a ton of good ball movement, while at the same time the end of the half we let St. Rose back into it due to an inability to move the ball and sloppy passing.

Things to note:
  • Donte Greene is a stud, plain and simple.
  • Flynn can run the offense like a champ and makes the entire team better when he is onthe floor.
  • Jackson and Jardine are raw, but have potential.
  • The Hyphen is back
  • Harris was fairly quiet, but still hustles like crazy (still cant hit a 3 either).
  • Devo seems to be content as a cog in this, rather than trying to force everything or demanding the ball.
Tons of potential, lets see how the second half works out.

Second Half:

Came out with a little more fire, especially Harris with a nice baseline drive. Need to work for open shots more though.

Harris 0-2 from 3. We're getting out in transition though.
Note: Harris still looks like a boated fish when he tries to sell something.
AO is attacking the hoop hard.

Harris' D is looking suspect, not the tenacity he had last year. In general we look better on defense this half. Running with Scoop, Devo, Greene, KO and Jackson right now.

Scoop snipes a pass and takes it end to end for 2.

One thing I notice about Jackson is that he doesn't look for options. It seems his only goal is to get to the hoop and not dish it somewhere. Not sure how much I like that. Scoop turns the ball over, stops a 2-1, steals the ball, then finishes 1 on 3. God this is going to be another heart attack season...

Greene needs to hit a free throw, hes 1-4.

And our lack of D has gotten it to a tie game, 58-58 halfway through the 2nd half. This is something that needs to be addressed. TO's are out of control right now.

Hopefully Flynn can be our catalyst. The starting 5 is back on the court. I guess JB figures no more screwing around. Flynn at the line for 2 right now.

We're losing... Dagostino hitting things from god knows where.

Now I'm just getting frustrated. The freshmen are playing like such (stupid mistakes are expected), but Harris and Devo aren't showing anything. Spoke too soon, Devo for 3 and one! Back on top.

Harris no look to Flynn for the finish. These two work real well together. I guess it comes in handy that they played HS ball with each other...

Greene has kind of disappeared this half. 74-68 good guys right now. The transition game still looks good though.

AO with a double-double right now, 10 and 10.

Flynn takes an outlet, drives on an open hoop, tosses it off Harris grabs the oop and throws it down! Beautiful!

Final: Syracuse - 80, St. Rose - 71

Well, we made it out of there. I'll recap later on tonight. But quick sum, AO and PH with double-doubles, Greene and Devo with 16 points, and J. Flynn with 9 Assists. This is going to be a fun year.

Exhibition Live-Blog

Well this is my first attempt at this, so we'll see how it goes.

To start, one of the questions going into this game was answered. Mike Waters over at had speculated with not 100% certainty that J. Flynn would be our starting point guard. It seems that this is confirmed, as the live stats, found here support the claim. Thanks to douglas20 and pacusefan from the RealCuseFans board for the tidbits going into this and the stats link.

Now if TW26 would stop showing this game from yesterday and get on with something that matters I would be happy.

Gametime Cuse Fans!
Starting lineup:
  • PG - Flynn
  • SG - Devendorf
  • SF - Harris
  • PF - Green
  • C - Onuaku
Decent size crowd for an exhibition game at the Dome.

Donte is taking the tip, and wins it.

You can tell theres some first day jitters, but Greene just amazed me with a nice little dump pass to Harris, and taking it hard back to the rim off of a board. Its good to see that vision. Greene with the first points off a free throw.

Harris still cannot hit a three. I don't know why he tries anymore.

Greene with the nice finish on a pass from Flynn, this is looking like a familiar statement this year.

Onuaku with a huge block, this team is making me excited as hell for the upcoming season. Devo is finishing 1 on 3, we can penetrate at will. Granted this is a Division II team, but its still good to see.

Greene with a 20 footer, has 5 points so far. He looks confident, as does Flynn. Devo's left isn't seeming quite automatic as it has been in the past, hes missed 3 layups. Now Greene for 3, make that 8 points.

Skip and Jackson are now in, and Jackson has missed his first pass in his career. Harris needs to settle back down, he still gets too excited in transition.

KO checks in. Jackson is going up hard, but it seems like he is extending his body a bit too much. We need to get in the gym and hit some free throws.

Harris with the oop to Flynn, some NF boys hooking up. From what I'm seeing our best bet is inherently with Flynn on the court. Jardine with his first points on a baseline J.
Ongenaut can hit a 3 as well apparently, our whole frontcourt is a more talented version of Matt Gorman.

Greene banks in a three. 11 points so far. Overall were moving impressively, but the D is a little weak. Backside, and rotations need to be worked on. Make that another 3 and 14 pts for Greene.

Jackson and Scoop back in. We are definitely showing better ball movement than I have seen in recent years. Greene with his 16th on a putback.

So the two HS combos both look good together, now we just need to integrate that all around. Scoop and Rick hooked up on a nice feed. Jackson with a block. The Hyphen is now in.

We're looking sloppy when double teamed. Trying to force too much down low instead of swinging the perimeter, which is what has been working for us all game.

Halftime: Syracuse 39, Saint Rose, 36

Syracuse vs. St. Rose

Alright folks, the time we've been waiting for is almost upon us. The Cuse faithful can see this extremely young and talented team mesh for the first time outside of Manley (granted it's in the Dome, so not too far outside).

To sum up Saint Rose:
  • Their PG, DeAugustino is the reigning Conference POY (17ppg, 4.8apg, 2.0spg) and handy defensively. This will give us a good gauge of Flynn and Jardine handling the ball and well, I guess we get to see Josh Wright against him as well...
  • Shanty Robinson is their key post man (10 and 6 per game), granted he is only listed at 6'4," so I don't really know what to say about him. their tallest player is only 6'8."
  • Will Monica is the shooter, and will be the one to test the zone, letting us see how well we rotate out, and cover.
Overall its a team with limited size. They put up a 22-10 record last year, making the NCAA's in Division II. We shouldn't be in for a Michigan State type performance, and this will give the young guns a good stepping stone in to the world of college hoops at Cuse.