Sunday, November 4, 2007

Exhibition Live-Blog

Well this is my first attempt at this, so we'll see how it goes.

To start, one of the questions going into this game was answered. Mike Waters over at had speculated with not 100% certainty that J. Flynn would be our starting point guard. It seems that this is confirmed, as the live stats, found here support the claim. Thanks to douglas20 and pacusefan from the RealCuseFans board for the tidbits going into this and the stats link.

Now if TW26 would stop showing this game from yesterday and get on with something that matters I would be happy.

Gametime Cuse Fans!
Starting lineup:
  • PG - Flynn
  • SG - Devendorf
  • SF - Harris
  • PF - Green
  • C - Onuaku
Decent size crowd for an exhibition game at the Dome.

Donte is taking the tip, and wins it.

You can tell theres some first day jitters, but Greene just amazed me with a nice little dump pass to Harris, and taking it hard back to the rim off of a board. Its good to see that vision. Greene with the first points off a free throw.

Harris still cannot hit a three. I don't know why he tries anymore.

Greene with the nice finish on a pass from Flynn, this is looking like a familiar statement this year.

Onuaku with a huge block, this team is making me excited as hell for the upcoming season. Devo is finishing 1 on 3, we can penetrate at will. Granted this is a Division II team, but its still good to see.

Greene with a 20 footer, has 5 points so far. He looks confident, as does Flynn. Devo's left isn't seeming quite automatic as it has been in the past, hes missed 3 layups. Now Greene for 3, make that 8 points.

Skip and Jackson are now in, and Jackson has missed his first pass in his career. Harris needs to settle back down, he still gets too excited in transition.

KO checks in. Jackson is going up hard, but it seems like he is extending his body a bit too much. We need to get in the gym and hit some free throws.

Harris with the oop to Flynn, some NF boys hooking up. From what I'm seeing our best bet is inherently with Flynn on the court. Jardine with his first points on a baseline J.
Ongenaut can hit a 3 as well apparently, our whole frontcourt is a more talented version of Matt Gorman.

Greene banks in a three. 11 points so far. Overall were moving impressively, but the D is a little weak. Backside, and rotations need to be worked on. Make that another 3 and 14 pts for Greene.

Jackson and Scoop back in. We are definitely showing better ball movement than I have seen in recent years. Greene with his 16th on a putback.

So the two HS combos both look good together, now we just need to integrate that all around. Scoop and Rick hooked up on a nice feed. Jackson with a block. The Hyphen is now in.

We're looking sloppy when double teamed. Trying to force too much down low instead of swinging the perimeter, which is what has been working for us all game.

Halftime: Syracuse 39, Saint Rose, 36

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