Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Syracuse vs. LeMoyne

Alas, I will not be able to live blog this, as my laptop has decided to be a satan-spawned pile of trash and not work anymore. I will be back at the half with highlights and updates though...

Flynn's hustle will be what wins games for us this year. I just had to put that in writing. 2 steals on back to back plays, hustling for boards. The kid is a trooper.

Post D is sloppy. We're slacking off our man. It's mostly Jackson who is at fault, saw AO do the same thing. And Paul hasn't learned not to shoot a 3 yet...

2nd Timeout: So far it seems like were showing more affinity for the mid-range game, something I like. Solely man so far, but that's expected in the exhibitions. Ongenaut is showing some serious potential, seems to be a very fundamental player, though he needs to finish harder. I like to see people making the right cuts though.

Greene with 13 points so far. We're moving in transition, court vision and speed are greatly improved from last year. Devo is still a liability in the man sets. Overall this team will be a blast to watch.

All five frosh on the court, someone needs to take some leadership role on the court. You can tell theyre all young when they're on the court together.

Saw the zone for the first time, looked ok, forced a 3. Moved to a press,
Pressure D looks solid, Post feeds look phenomenal. AO with 7 straight points.

Williams got in just before the half. That wingspan is as gangly as it sounds. His arms touch his knees when he walks.

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