Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Syracuse vs. LeMoyne: Round 2

Obligatory Halftime Rant:
Well, its a whole different team than we saw on Sunday in a lot of ways. AO has shown some offensive prowess, Greene can be legitimized as being damn good, Harris is back to playing his game (erratic at times, but hits the boards hard and hustles). One thing that concerns me is Flynn's A:T ratio tonight. 2:3 right now. He's definitely bringing an aspect of hustle and playing some tenacious D (Yes, I had to say it).

All in all, the zone looked fine, we weren't collapsing as well as you would expect, but that will come with time. The trap out of the zone is something they will need to get accustomed to. We have big men that can score. I would like to see Donte in the post more, but he is showing a Warrick like game tonight, with some mid-range post moves and also made the masses realize his 3 point shooting is not a fluke.

On to the action:

Looking good after the half. Came out with a great deal of hustle, everyone running. One thing I'm noticing this half is that it's been a while since we've had this much chemistry this early. Everyone seems to be willing to dish. No one is afraid to take the shot. They're playing with a poise I wouldn't expect out of a squad this young, and you can tell they're having a great time doing it.

Also, Greene has 21...

Greene is up to 26, Williams is now in. Granted I can't really give any feedback on him other than he needs to work on some offensive positioning. He hasn't been involved in any sort of plays at all. Devo with 4 fouls, so it looks like we'll be going young for a while. Also, its now 78-44...

Williams with his first statistic as an Orangeman! An assist to Jackson!

Team assist to turnover right now is 19:11.

The Hyphen is now noted as being the worst dancer on the team according to the TW26 announcers... Harris throws down a hard oop from Devo in transition. From what I see the zone could use a touch of work, but thats what the non-conference schedule is for right?

Double double now for Devo, showing his distribution ability. Presutti is checking in, good to see him get some court time. Flynn's ability to hit the three will really open up some possibilities for us this year. Jackson also has a double double.

Presutti finishes the game off with a 3, a fitting ending.

Final: Syracuse, 109 - LeMoyne, 59

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