Sunday, November 4, 2007

Exhibition Live-Blog Half #2

Halftime Rant:
Well the first half was all ups and downs. It seems for every high point (Greene's scoring, Flynn's control of the game), we have Jackson and AO with stone hands, Devo not finishing, basic defenses giving us trouble.

There was a ton of good ball movement, while at the same time the end of the half we let St. Rose back into it due to an inability to move the ball and sloppy passing.

Things to note:
  • Donte Greene is a stud, plain and simple.
  • Flynn can run the offense like a champ and makes the entire team better when he is onthe floor.
  • Jackson and Jardine are raw, but have potential.
  • The Hyphen is back
  • Harris was fairly quiet, but still hustles like crazy (still cant hit a 3 either).
  • Devo seems to be content as a cog in this, rather than trying to force everything or demanding the ball.
Tons of potential, lets see how the second half works out.

Second Half:

Came out with a little more fire, especially Harris with a nice baseline drive. Need to work for open shots more though.

Harris 0-2 from 3. We're getting out in transition though.
Note: Harris still looks like a boated fish when he tries to sell something.
AO is attacking the hoop hard.

Harris' D is looking suspect, not the tenacity he had last year. In general we look better on defense this half. Running with Scoop, Devo, Greene, KO and Jackson right now.

Scoop snipes a pass and takes it end to end for 2.

One thing I notice about Jackson is that he doesn't look for options. It seems his only goal is to get to the hoop and not dish it somewhere. Not sure how much I like that. Scoop turns the ball over, stops a 2-1, steals the ball, then finishes 1 on 3. God this is going to be another heart attack season...

Greene needs to hit a free throw, hes 1-4.

And our lack of D has gotten it to a tie game, 58-58 halfway through the 2nd half. This is something that needs to be addressed. TO's are out of control right now.

Hopefully Flynn can be our catalyst. The starting 5 is back on the court. I guess JB figures no more screwing around. Flynn at the line for 2 right now.

We're losing... Dagostino hitting things from god knows where.

Now I'm just getting frustrated. The freshmen are playing like such (stupid mistakes are expected), but Harris and Devo aren't showing anything. Spoke too soon, Devo for 3 and one! Back on top.

Harris no look to Flynn for the finish. These two work real well together. I guess it comes in handy that they played HS ball with each other...

Greene has kind of disappeared this half. 74-68 good guys right now. The transition game still looks good though.

AO with a double-double right now, 10 and 10.

Flynn takes an outlet, drives on an open hoop, tosses it off Harris grabs the oop and throws it down! Beautiful!

Final: Syracuse - 80, St. Rose - 71

Well, we made it out of there. I'll recap later on tonight. But quick sum, AO and PH with double-doubles, Greene and Devo with 16 points, and J. Flynn with 9 Assists. This is going to be a fun year.


Ryan said...

I was driving back to Philly, and I heard the first half on the radio. They seem to be really excited about our young talent. We will see how the season goes, and how well everyone meshes together. I'm excited to see how Onuaku will play this year, and how our backcourt fills out. We will see Steve, and when I get tix to a game, I'll give you a shout.

tim said...

Nice work! Live blogging is really freakin' hard, so big ups to you.

Also, thanks for linking to us at Cuse Country. We just moved to a new site; could you update your blog roll to point to Thanks again...

DutchHart03 said...

Noted and changed Tim, had the bookmarks on the computer updated, but I apparently left any readers out of the loop here.

Any game that I won't be getting to in person I'm going to throw up a live blog. It gave me a bit more of an objective view of the game, though if I was doing it for the football season, my laptop would be broken by now...