Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Round Three?!?!

Looks like the boys in Orange are getting to face off against our favorite foes, the UConvicts for a third time this year. In recent history we are 2-2 over the past two years in booting them from the conference tourney. I'd say play the numbers and make it a three-peat on that account (Hope Pat Riley doesn't come after me for that). Oh yeah, and if you didn't remember, we are the two time defending Big East tournament champions, courtesy of our favorite Scrantonian.

As for the task at hand, we've seen it before. Its a really young Connecticut team, with a solid shooter in Jerome Dyson, and a big body down low in Thabeet. Hasheem Thabeet seems to be a defensive minded player for the sheer fact that he looks absolutely lost on the offensive end of the court. Mookie can dominate this kid, and will. Jeff Adrien also has the potential to make some noise against the Orange.

Adrien was the only All-League selection for the Huskies, while both Dyson and Thabeet made the All-Rookie squad along with our boy "Do-It-All Paul." He was a consistent scorer and rebounder with 15 double-doubles on the year and averages 13.4 and 9.7. Consistent but not dominant. Dyson has been dominant in his last six, averaging 19.6ppg.

It is going to be a matter of stopping Dyson from the arc. Price seems to still be off stealing laptops, as he hasn't shown up to play basketball this year. (On a side note, I think he, along with Doug Gottleib and Marcus Williams may be up for the Big East All-Thievery First Team)

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