Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In Hop We Trust

Well I know its been a while since the last update and all, but fear not, I now have something relevant to post about. For years the question has been up in the air as to who will succeed our fearless leader Jim Boehiem when he finally decides to pack in the orange sneaks after all these years. Well, the answer, as many have speculated, is officially none other than Mike Hopkins.

Hopkins played the two for the Cuse from 89-90 until 92-93, and was one of many in our line of "scrappy white guards." He has coached for the Orange for the past 12 years, after a short stint in the CBA and Europe. He seems to have gained a bit of recruiting talent from his mentor, and was instrumental in bringing in former and current players that you might have known about, namely Warrick, J. Hart, McNamara, P. Harris, and the incoming Freshman class.

While not really a surprise to any of the Orange faithful, it is good to see it in writing. Hopkins knows the system and is following the JB method of success. Boeheim played for the Orange, had a short minor-league career and came back as an assistant, only to land the head coaching position when Roy Danforth stepped aside.

Congrats to Mike Hopkins. It's good to see the program will remain in capable hands.

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OrangeRay said...

I'm in no hurry to see Jim Boeheim leave... I hope he's around another 10 years. But I'm also very happy that a Syracuse man will be taking over the helm when JB steps down, and even happier it's a guy I loved to watch play.