Monday, September 24, 2007

I need to be condescending towards SU more often...

Apparently when I talk depressing about the Orangemen, good things happen. Two days ago, the boys shocked the hell out of the world with a 38-35 victory over #18/19 Louisville... IN KENTUCKY.

Andrew Robinson decided he was going to come out of his shell, throwing for 400+ and 4TDs, including two to Taj Smith. So much for 0-3, wanting to have Greg's head after a 0-4 start, now we can sing the praises of the coach who got us our first big win since beating BC in '04. Isn't it funny how sports work?

Vote for Taj for player of the week while you have some down time as well. (And yes, I realize the Taj picture is in the loss to Illinois).

Now on to Miami(OH), (who got housed by Colorado this week) to make it a 2 game streak.

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