Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1-0, Best way to start the Season...

It's gonna be brief tonight folks, as I have some non-SU things needing my attention. We beat Siena last night. Not a big surprise, but watching it, there were a few moments I thought it would roll downhill. The sharpshooting and general poise of Jonny Flynn, who dropped a Syracuse Rookie First Game Record of 28 points, kept us in it.

Overall on O we need to settle into the offense more, some things looked forced or rushed.

On D we need to get that back line in the zone to learn how to stay home. Also, the trap out of the zone looked lackadaisical at best.

Be back with more tomorrow hopefully.

SU is on ESPN2 at 7pm. against St. Joseph's tonight.

It won't be an easy game, as this is a veteran club with talented athletes, and we all know they can shoot year in and year out.

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Ryan said...

step your syracuse post game up son, get current!