Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update: Big East Roundup

Well, after the beauty that was last night, It seems we are mathematically still eligible for a bye in the BET. At the same time, this is banking on the fact that Cuse can take Nova on the road Saturday, and that Quincy Douby decides to find new eligibility and singlehandedly beat Notre Dame. The Irish seem a lock for the 4 spot if they can beat a Rutgers team that is only scoring 59.9ppg, and is 3-12 in conference and in 2nd to last place in the BE. The only thing the Scarlet Knights have going for them is they are playing in the RAC. All in all this doesn't look too promising for the Cuse, and they will most likely not get the bye.

The battle for fifth place is then where the Orange look to be heading. The only contenders at the moment seem to be SU, Marquette, and West Virginia. The Golden Eagles are 9-6 with a game against Pitt on Saturday. The Mountaineers are 8-6 with Pitt tonight and @ Cincinatti on Saturday:

5. Syracuse (10-5) @ Nova
6. Marquette (9-6) vs. Pitt
7. West Virginia (8-6) @ Pitt, vs. Cinci

If Cuse wins out, they own sole possession of 5th place in the conference. We own the tiebreaker with the head to head win at Marquette, so at worst we can finish in sixth with a loss at Nova. If WVU wins out against Pitt and Cinci they will also be at 10-6, and the tiebreaker would be more complicated.

Games against common opponents: WVU 6-6 (2 left), SU 10-4 (1 Left)
Head to Head against Georgetown WVU L, SU W
Head to Head against Pittsburgh WVU 0-1 1 Left, SU 0-1

If WVU loses to Pitt tonight, we can guarantee the 5th place lock, as seeding for a tiebreaker between teams that haven't met goes to a head to head comparison of concurrent opponents, starting from the top down until a distinct advantage is shown to one team. And if this fails and I am completely misunderstanding the tiebreaker it goes to a coinflip. I'm not kidding, its right in the PDF. As of right now it seems solid to say we are looking at a 5 seed in the Garden this year...

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