Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mission: Rautins

Well folks, Mission: Rautins Decision 2007 has reached a consensus on the status of the new name of "The Artist Formerly Known as 'Son of Leo.'" From a polling over on the RealCuseFans site... the new moniker shall be none other than "Homebrew Drew" (Courtesy to reafsnyder for the nick). This is the same group of hoodlums who have given Brennan-McBride the nickname "The Hyphen," which I consider an instant classic...

The kid is moving out of his Dad's shadow, and coming into his own, actually being recognized by other coaches as evidenced here by PC coach Tim Welsh:
"[Andy Rautins] is a terrific player. You know what he does very well, he's old-school, he understands how to move without the ball. He's not just a shooter who stands there and waits for the opportunity. He really moves and cuts without the ball ... We made him look like Tracy McGrady out there. He's a good player, obviously, I recruited him. I wanted him. He certainly didn't get Leo's genes on shooting the ball. He shoots the ball better than Leo ever did, that's for sure. " — Providence coach Tim Welsh told the Syracuse Post-Standard after Rautins' performance helped the Orangemen knock off Welsh's Friars.
Now, come Saturday, we've got a Tracy McGrady look alike of our own to defend against. Nova's Scottie Reynolds seems to be on an absolute tear since he was shut down at the Dome during their trip to the Great White North. We all know about the damage that Nardi and Sumpter can cause, but this freshman has been literally ungodly his last few contests. Since playing us he is scoring at a clip of 18.6ppg. In the last four games, he has ramped it up to 27ppg, in games at GTown (18pts), Marquette (25), Rutgers (25) and UConn (40).

On a good note, when the ball is in his hands, he is averaging 3TO's/contest. To me it seems like lately he either gives the ball to the opposition or puts it in the hoop. In my humble opinion, we need to throw a good dose of PH at him this Saturday and see what he can do against a truly lockdown defender. Being able to stop Reynolds is the key to victory. Nardi will shoot, Sumpter will play his game, but Reynolds is the X-Factor that we cannot allow to succeed if we look to win.

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Ryan said...

Steven I had no idea you were such a huge Orange fan...good stuff kid. I went to the Uconn game the other week, and Ill be in dt philly for the nova game. Ill keep checking this joint out